Order Your Church T-shirts Now!
Show You Belong to the Nineteenth Street Family!

The Communications Ministry is offering branded T-shirts with the church’s new official “Ordered Steps” logo. Our goal is to increase awareness of the new church brand and increase the visibility of Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in our community.

Who Should Get a T-shirt?
All church members, their relatives, and friends of Nineteenth Street are encouraged to get a T-shirt imprinted with the new logo. Even those outside of Maryland, Virginia and the District can order T-shirts and have them shipped to them.

Why Are the T-shirts Priced So Low?
The shirts are priced at cost, based on the quantity of projected sales. The shirts are quality Hanes 100 percent cotton T-shirts – ideal for summer.

What Sizes Are Available?
The T-shirts are available in youth sizes as well as in men’s and women’s sizes. Youth sizes range from Youth Extra Small (YXS) to Youth Extra Large (YXL). Men’s sizes range from Small (S) to 4XL. The women’s shirts are tapered with shorter sleeves than the men’s and range in sizes from Small (S) to 3XL. (Sizes 2XL, 3XL and 4XL cost a few dollars more.)

What Colors Are Available?
We are only offering Black T-shirts with the gold and white logo.

In the future, other colors or styles (long-sleeve, sweatshirts, golf shirts, etc.) may be offered by the Communications Ministry or other ministries. (Please contact the Communications Ministry for brand guidelines if your ministry is interested in selling or ordering branded items.)

How Can I Get a T-shirt?
We are pleased to be working with Custom Ink, an established vendor of customized items. You can place your order online at Nineteenth Street’s dedicated order site using this link.

You can purchase multiple T-shirts for shipment to the same address in one order. There is a handling charge of 49 cents for each shirt and a $6.95 shipping charge per order (not per shirt). The more T-shirts you order at one time, the lower your total cost per shirt. (See order pricing examples below). Taxes will be applied, based on the shipping address.

Payment can be made by debit card, credit card (American Express, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover), or PayPal.

Suppose I Can’t Order Online?
If you are unable to place an online order, you may call Custom Ink at 1-800-293-4232 to order by phone. You must provide this email address—jsmbrandon@aol.com–to identify your order as part of the Nineteenth Street group order.

There will also be order forms available in the church office. You can ask the church office staff to assist you.

When Do I Have to Order?
The window for ordering T-shirts is between April 11 and May 2, 2021. (The volume-discounted price of $7.50 only applies until May 2.) After that date, you can order a T-shirt from Custom Ink, but you will pay a much higher price.

When Will I Receive My T-Shirt?
The T-shirts will be shipped directly to you and will arrive before Memorial Day.

If you have any questions about ordering church T-shirts, please contact Sister Judy Brandon at jsmbrandon@aol.com or call the church office at 202-829-2773

Order your T-shirt now using this link

Remember, the order link closes on May 2.