Missionary Society

The Missionary Society was organized in 1839 by Mr. Henry Butler, according to church records. Its purpose was, and remains, to present a challenge to the members of the church for committed witness and service, and to build a fellowship among the members that will extend into the community and the world. Our lead Scripture is Matthew 28:19-20, our theme song is “Lift Him Up,” and our colors are red and white.

The gospel says we are to go into all the world and make disciples of all people. To this end, the Missionary Society seeks to develop each individual’s Christian experience through the study of the Holy Bible, the Mission Quarterly Study Guide, and other materials. Each member of the society is encouraged to become involved—individually and collectively—in giving assistance and comfort to those in need at home and abroad.

The society sponsors Women’s Day, held annually on the fourth Sunday in April. The idea, purpose, and plan for Women’s Day was presented in 1906 to the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., by Nineteenth Street Baptist Church member Nannie Helen Burroughs. The purpose is to raise funds to support mission obligations. This is the society’s only source of income. The society also spearheads the church’s annual Homecoming Celebration and Fellowship Dinner, and a church-wide Women’s Retreat. It also co-sponsors the Membership Recognition Service for those with 50+ years of membership.

Our mission obligations include the following: Trustee Rally Day; Church School Thanksgiving Project; Stoddard Baptist Home for the Aged; National Center for Children & Families; Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind; Home Mission and Foreign Missions Boards (11 international projects ) of the National Baptist Convention; U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive; and monetary gifts to Nineteenth Street high school graduates entering college for the first time.

According to church records, in addition to Brother Butler, the following individuals have served as president of the society:

Sister Florence Brooks, Sister Viola Brooks, Sister Martha Winston, Sister Grace Howard, Sister Ethel Robinson, Sister Willie Powell (30+ years), Sister Evada Adams (10+ years), Sister June L. Jackson (1992-1994), Sister Joyce Day (1995-2002), Sister Rosemary Mills Massey (2003-2006), Sister Philicia Jones, (2007-2010), Sister Patricia C. Thomas (2011-2014), Sister Hester Jones (2015-2019) incumbent Rosemary Mills Massey (2020-).

The Missionary Society meets on the second Saturday, September through June, at noon in the Moore Conference Room at the church. All church members are eligible for membership. You are invited to join us. For more information, call the church office at 202-829-2773 or send an email to office@19thstreetbc.org with the Missionary Society in the subject line.