Comforting Care / GriefShare Ministry

The Comforting Care Ministry was established to communicate with those who have lost loved ones. Ministry members comfort the bereaved by attending funeral and memorial services, sending cards and books, and keeping in contact with them for at least a year. Every two years, we host a memorial service to honor all deceased church members. In addition, the ministry offers death-related seminars.

GriefShare was established as a counseling ministry in 2017 to hold a series of face-to-face sessions with the bereaved. Facilitators reach out to church members, as well as non-members, who have lost loved ones. Sessions offer professional and non-professional counseling.

The GriefShare experience includes three key elements that work together to help individuals recover from the deep hurt of loss:

  • Video seminar: Helpful information on grief-related topics.
  • Group discussion: Facilitated small-group discussion time.
  • Personal workbook: Individual study and application of concepts.

Ministry leaders: Deacon Yvonne Dickson and Sister Ferlandia Townsend

GriefShare facilitators: Reverends Reginald Townsend and James Crosson, Deacon Leon Pierce, and Sister Karen Sidney-Drumgold.

Please call the church office (202-829-2773) for contact information.