Board of Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry, under the leadership of the pastor, the elected director of Christian Education, and its executing arm, the Board of Christian Education, develops and provides oversight for training and education for Nineteenth Street Baptist Church. The ministry has been a foundation of the church since its inception in 1839. The director, along with the Board of Christian Education, leads a Bible-based, Holy Spirit-emboldened, teaching-learning process that seeks to guide individuals at every level of Christian growth. We focus on Christ, the Master’s purpose, and His plan to make disciples. This is the biblical basis for our church education and training. At its core, the board ensures the development of a sound philosophy based on the Word of God and the plan for bringing about perpetual understanding, a continuum of knowledge of God through teaching in all areas of the church.

 The purpose of the Christian Education Ministry is to help the church carry out its vision, mission, and goals by supplying the means, knowledge, opportunity, inspiration, and motivation for Christian growth through educational programs and training. The programs are developed to help all on their Christian journey, whether they are the unchurched, Christians early in their journey, or those who are mature in their relationship with Christ. The ministry teaches all to be freed from sin and come under the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Christian Education Ministry Programs

Ministries: The Christian Education Ministry ensures that our church has holistic plans for the education of the church body and includes the following ministries. You can link to highlighted ministries below:

Leadership and Member Training: The director of Christian Education and the Board of Christian Education review and assess church needs for the implementation and coordination of church-wide formal courses, forums, and institutes, including leadership training for church members and ministry leaders.

The ministry also plans, coordinates, and promotes church participation in local and national education and church leadership training projects and programs, including the following:

District of Columbia and Vicinity

  • Baptist Educational Congress Board
  • The District of Columbia Baptist Convention
  • Baptist Convention of the District of Columbia and Vicinity
  • The Baptist Educational Congress

National Organizations

  • National Convention USA, Inc., which includes the National Baptist Convention
  • The National Baptist Congress of Christian Education

Those interested in participating in any of the programs of the Christian Education Ministry or attending a conference or convention, should contact the Christian Education Ministry director or a member of the board.

Volunteer opportunities
If you have spiritual gifts such as knowledge, leadership, shepherding, teaching, wisdom, administration, and helping, please consider putting those gifts to work in the Christian Education ministries. The ministries need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Administration
  • Program coordination
  • Leadership
  • Teaching classes of all ages
  • Computer programs/technology

Director of Christian Education

Deaconess Patricia Kilby-Robb

Board of Christian Education administrative assistant
Sister DeVera Y. Redmond

The Board of Christian Education

Deaconess Eleanor Banks, emeritus board member
Sister June L. Jackson, emeritus board member
Rev. Christopher O. Crawford
Rev. James A. Crosson Jr.
Rev. Troy Denson
Rev. Dr. Cheryl Coleman Hall
Rev. James L. Harris Jr.
Sister Vialetta Graham
Deacon Jesse McCrae
Deacon Nathaniel Robb
Deacon Stephanie Thomas
Sister Ferlandia Townsend
Rev. Reginald Townsend
Rev. Edward Turner
Rev. Robin L. Turner
Deaconess Monique Wiley-Crawford
Deaconess Maureen Young